ServDes2009 was divided into 3 days entitled business, crossover, and research.

Business day

Themes of the first day included how Service Design can be used for public and tourist services, to encourage behavioural change, and transitioning from a product focus to a service focus. Speakers included Lavrans Løvlie from Live|work, Jay Parkinson from Hello health, Marc Stickdorn from MCI, and Richard White from User Voice.

Crossover day

The second day featured many interesting workshops and topics such as methods, education, design thinking and leadership, prototyping services, and how to capture customer input.

Research day

On the last day, a lot of interesting presentations were given on topics with both applied and theoretical focus. Over 50 abstracts were submitted and the quality and relevance were high for the presented works. This was the first complete day dedicated to Service Design research.

There was of course also a lot of things happening around the conference as well, a co-created tapas dinner, a visit to the beautiful opera-house, and an exhibition set outside the conference rooms. The participants have also documented some of the conference on blogs such as: Joyce S R Yee, last year’s organisers, Qin Han, Fergus Bisset.

DeThink Service
ReThink Design

The first Nordic Service Design and Service Innovation Conference was held in Oslo, Norway, 24th-26th of November and chaired by Prof. Simon Clatworthy. It offered a venue for investigating the legacy brought from other design disciplines as well as opening up towards other fields. By De-thinking Services we mean to not only challenge the traditional models of services, but also to bring the process of design-thinking to the creation of and implementation of services. At the same time, Service Design challenges us to Re-think Design and its role since design is becoming strategic, system oriented and holistic. This new approach requires a deeper understanding of design, business and other professional disciplines.


Paper category
Akama, YWarts-and-all: the real practice of service designFull paper
Blomkvist, J & Holmlid, SExemplars in Service DesignFull paper
Carr, V, Sangiorgi, D, Büscher, M, Cooper, R & Junginger, SClinicians as Service Designers? Reflections on current transformation in the UK health servicesFull paper
Clatworthy, SBridging the gap between brand strategy and customer experience. The target experience toolFull paper
Diana, C, Pacenti, E & Tassi, RVisualtiles – Communication tools for (service) designFull paper
Gloppen, JService Design LeadershipFull paper
Han, QManaging Stakeholder Involvement in Service Design: Insights from British service designersFull paper
Holmlid, SParticipative, Co-operative, Emancipatory: From participatory design to service design Full paper
Kaario, P, Vaajakallio, K, Lehtinen, V, Kantola, V & Kuikkaniemi, KSomeone Else’s Shoes – Using Role-Playing Games in User-Centered Service Design Full paper
Kronqvist, J & Korhonen, S-MCo-Designing Sustainable Solutions – Combining Service Design and Change LaboratoryFull paper
Morelli, NBeyond the Experience. In search of an operative paradigm for the industrialisation of services Full paper
Prendiville, A‘Love Lewisham’, improving stakeholder satisfaction in local government service: A case study of strategic public sector service innovationFull paper
Segelström, FCommunicating through Visualizations: Service Designers on Visualizing User ResearchFull paper
Tollestrup, CConceptualising services – developing service concepts through AT-ONE Full paper
Wetter Edman, KExploring Overlaps and Differences in Service Dominant Logic and Design ThinkingFull paper
Wreiner, T, Mårtensson, I, Arnell, O, Gonzalez, N, Holmlid, S & Segelström, FExploring Service Blueprints for Multiple Actors: A Case Study of Car Parking ServicesFull paper
Akbulut, DInformal service offer: PeddlingPoster