ServDes.2014 ran over three days.

  • The first day was dedicated to practical explorations of Service Design with 8 workshops led by both practitioners and academics.
  • The second day was mostly focused on (long and short) papers presentations organised in three parallel sessions and 2 extra workshops.
  • The third and final day was partly dedicated to papers presentation and came to an end with three parallel forums exploring the future of Service Design Research, Education and its relationship with Social Innovation.

Working at the boundaries of Service Design, Digital and Social Innovation, the keynote speaker Dominic Campbell (Futuregov), projected novel spaces and responsibilities for Service Design in relation to complex societal transformational challenges, while Prof. Pelle Ehn (Malmö University), positioned it within a historical retrospective of Participatory Design in a constant search for more democratic (service) design practices.

The conference was organised around five main themes: Emerging Directions for Service Design; Design for Service Innovation and Transformation; Service Design and Implementation; Novel Service Design Frameworks and Tools; Service Design Across Organisations.

Service Futures

ImaginationLancaster, an open and exploratory design-led research lab at Lancaster University, UK,  hosted the 2014 edition of the ServDes Conference.

ServDes.2014 focused on how Service Design is contributing to ‘Service Futures’ and how it is developing as a field of research and practice. The conference considered how the concept and role of services have been developing in the recent decades and questioned how Service Design is evolving following a similar path. Starting from its initial focus on service interactions and experiences, Service Design research and practice have entered more strategic and transformational roles, dealing with issues of organisational change, system design, sustainability and social change, amongst others. The concept and applications of this design field is also expanding and required some collective considerations.

The conference attracted 175 participants from 24 nationalities, of which 60 percent were academics and 40 percent were practitioners.


Paper type
Asbjørn Følstad, Knut Kvale, Joachim Bråthen, Ida Maria HaugstveitService Futures: What is Expected from Customer Care?Emerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSCustomer insight, customer care, service design, future services
Necmiye Savut, Halime DemirkanPriority Setting For Service Design in Age-Friendly Cities: the City of AnkaraEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSage-friendly cities, collaborative approach, service design
Jakob Trischler, Don ScottThe Identification of Innovative Customer Groups for Collaborative Design ActivitiesEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSservice design, user innovation, lead user theory
Ruth Edmonds, Mary Rose CookStarting a Conversation: the Need for and Application of Service Design in International DevelopmentEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSService Design, International Development, collaboration, user-centred, social innovation
Laura Warwick, Robert Young, Matthew LievesleyThe Potential of a Design for Service Approach to Transform Voluntary Community Sector OrganisationsEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSdesign for service, transformation, charity, public services
Maíra Joly, Carla Cipolla, Ezio ManziniInformal, Formal, Collaborative: identifying New Models of Services within Favelas of Rio de Janeiro.Emerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSservice design, social innovation, creative communities
Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies, Lauren TanBrave New Worlds: Transitions in Design PracticeEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSchanging practices, roles of designers, design value, design management
Beatrice Villari, Marzia MortatiDesign for Social Innovation: Building a Framework of Connection Between Design and Social InnovationEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSsocial innovation, service innovation, collaborating, participating, networking
Gerasimos BalisThe Role of Service Design in the Effectual Journey of Social Entrepreneurs.Emerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSsocial entrepreneurship, service design, effectuation
Claudio PinhanezBorg-Human Interaction Design.Emerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSService design; multidisciplinary design; design methods; borg-human interaction; anthropomorphization; user conflict; dramatic interaction; service blueprinting
Sune Gudiksen, Eva BrandtThe Service Ouroboros: Designing Persona Service Cycles.Emerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSservice design, service cycles, touchpoint, service ecology, customer journey, empathic design, personas
Jeanette Blomberg, Chuck DarrahToward an Anthropology of ServicesEmerging Directions for Service DesignLONG PAPERSanthropology, service concepts, human condition
Dirk Snelders, Evelien Van de Garde-Perik, Fernando SecomandiDesign Strategies for Human-to-Human Contact in Services.Design for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSdesign of service, design for service, generative research
Jenny Darzentas, John DarzentasAccessible Self-Service: a Driver For Innovation in Service DesignDesign for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSself- services, accessibility, vulnerability, Design for All
Ehsan Baha, Aylin Groenewoud, Koert van MensvoortServitization of Products as an Approach For Design-Driven InnovationDesign for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSdesign-driven innovation, handmade fashion industry, servitization of products
Sabine JungingerDesign Legacies: Why Service Designers are not able to Embed Design in the OrganisationDesign for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSorganizational design practices, design legacies, public organizations, service design, organizational change
Yoko AkamaPassing on, Handing over, Letting go – the Passage of Embodied Design Methods for Disaster PreparednessDesign for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSTransformative services, community, natural disasters, participatory design
Diane Nijs, Ir. Jo Van Engelen Imagineering as Complexity-Inspired Method for Transformative Service DesignDesign for Service Innovation and TransformationLONG PAPERSService design, Organizational transformation, Emergence, Complexity, Imagineering
Eun Yu, Daniela SangiorgiService Design as an Approach to New Service Development: Reflections and Future Studies.Service Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERSNew service development, service design, service innovation
Nikki Holliday, Gillian Ward, Darren Awang, David HarsonConceiving and Developing a Mainstream Consumer Service to Support Older or Vulnerable People Living Independently.Service Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERStechnology, telecare, assistive technology, co-creation, user engagement, service design
Nicola MorelliChallenges in Designing and Scaling-Up Community Services.Service Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERSCommunity services, scaling-up, service design
Alastair Macdonald, David Loudon, Anne TaylorA Design-led Complex Intervention for the Stroke Rehabilitation Service.Service Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERSRCT, physical rehabilitation, complex intervention, design approaches, visualisation
Sara Donetto, Paola Pierri, Vicki Tsianakas, Glenn RobertExperience-based Co design and Healthcare Improvement: Realising Participatory Design in the Public SectorService Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERSExperience-based Co-design, healthcare organisations, participatory design
Pratik Vyas, Robert Young, Nick Spencer, Petia SiceCreating an Evidence-Based Research Methodology to Determine whether Awareness-Based Practices Benefit Co-creation for Service Design within a Multidisciplinary Social Innovation Community.Service Design and ImplementationLONG PAPERSCo-creation, research method, awareness based practices
Mette Agger EriksenWhat triggers us?! A Close Look at Socio-Material Situations of Co-designing Services.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSparticipation, triggers, service co-design situations and conversations, service design, participatory design
Simon Clatworthy, Robin Oorschot, Berit LindquisterHow to Get a Leader to Talk: Tangible Objects for Strategic Conversations in Service Design.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSco-design, tangible objects, business strategy
Graham Dove, Sara JonesUsing Information Visualisation to Support Creativity in Service Design Workshops.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSservice evaluation, service innovation, evaluation approach, service model
Ragnhild Halvorsrud, Eunji Lee, Ida Maria Haugstveit, Asbjørn FølstadComponents of a Visual Language for Service DesignNovel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSvisual language, customer journey, touchpoint, CJML
Teresa Sarmento, Lia PatricioIncorporating the Customer Experience along Different Iterative Cycles of Service DesignNovel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSMobile Service Design, Service Design iterative cycles, mobile customer experience.
Aaron Mullane, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Dag SvanæsWearable Probes for Service Design.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSService innovation, design probes, reflection, participatory design, personal informatics
Ander Altuna, Thomas JunThe Applicability of Online Communities in Health Service Co-Design.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsLONG PAPERSservice co-design, online communities, healthcare
Alison PrendivilleWeaving Place into the Centre of Service Design: a Reflective Case Study.Service Design across OrganisationsLONG PAPERSservice design, place making, design anthropology
Masanao Takeyama, Kahoru Tsukui, Yoshitaka ShibataResource Oriented Service Ideation: Integrating S-D Logic with Service Design Techniques.Service Design across OrganisationsLONG PAPERSS-D logic, resource integration, co-creation, discontinuous innovation
Jaana Hyvärinen, Jung-Joo Lee, Tuuli MattelmakiFragile Liaison — Opportunities and Challenges in Cross Organisational Service Networks.Service Design across OrganisationsLONG PAPERSService network, organisational change, design for services, collaboration, senior services
Bettina MinderDesign for Cross-Sectorial Service Innovation – Provisional FrameworkService Design across OrganisationsLONG PAPERSservice innovation, facilitation, design
Lara Salinas, Sebastian Weise, Serena PollastriTransforming the Planning Process – Challenges for the Service Designer.Emerging Directions for Service DesignSHORT PAPERSurban planning, public consultation, planning applications, role of service designer, existing institutions, redesigning interactions
Ion Iriarte, Daniel Justel, Mikel Orobengoa , Ester Val, Itsaso GonzalezTransforming Basque Manufacturing Companies Through Service Design. Showing the Potential of Service Thinking.Emerging Directions for Service DesignSHORT PAPERSservice logic, servitisation, service thinking, service design
Eva Kirchberger, Mark KennedyThe Future of the Service Design Category: Authentic Adaption as a Way Out?Emerging Directions for Service DesignSHORT PAPERSservice design, market category, fads & fashion, pioneer, meaning
Amalia De Götzen, Nicola Morelli, Francesco GraniChallenges and Perspectives in Service Design Curricula. The Case of the Service Systems Design Master of Aalborg University in Copenhagen.Emerging Directions for Service DesignSHORT PAPERSTeaching, service design, case study, learning, problem based learning
Ksenija Kuzmina, Tracy BhamraPositioning Service Design as Transformational Approach in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).Design for Service Innovation and TransformationSHORT PAPERStransformative change process, education for sustainable development
Heather MaddenTransforming Student Services in Higher Education.Design for Service Innovation and TransformationSHORT PAPERStransform, higher education, student services
Asbjørn Følstad, Knut Kvale, Ragnhild HalvorsrudCustomer Journeys: Involving Customers and Internal Resources in the Design and Management of Services.Novel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsSHORT PAPERSCustomer journeys, service design, customer involvement, methods
Stefan Holmlid, Johan BlomkvistService Archetypes, a Methodological ConsiderationNovel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsSHORT PAPERSservice archetypes, design research, communication, verification
Francesca Foglieni, Stefano Maffei, Beatrice VillariA Research Framework for Service EvaluationNovel Service Design Frameworks and ToolsSHORT PAPERSservice evaluation, service innovation, evaluation approach, service model
Karianne Rygh, Danielle Arets, Bas RaijmakersDefining Values through Collaboration.Service Design across OrganisationsSHORT PAPERSWicked Problems, Thinking through making, Intuitive explorations, Service innovations, Service design, Co-Design, Value Creation, Product Service Systems
Fredrik SandbergDead or Alive: How Municipalities Can Use Service Design Tools to Create Live Services that are Flexible, Mindful and InvolvingService Design across OrganisationsSHORT PAPERSparticipatory activity mapping, design tools, service routines
Dimitra Chasanidou, Amela KarahasanovicOpen Service Innovation Platforms and Experience.Service Design across OrganisationsSHORT PAPERSopen service innovation platform, experience design, service experience.
Jennifer Ballie, Suzanne PriorThe Strategic Role of Design in Supporting Knowledge Exchange.Service Design across OrganisationsSHORT PAPERSdesign thinking, knowledge exchange, collaboration