Hosting the next conference (Call for Proposals)

Call for Proposals to host ServDes.2018

Deadline, May 16th

The ServDes conference committee welcomes proposals to host the Service Design and Service Innovation conference 2018, ServDes.2018. This will be the 6th edition of the biannual ServDes conference, following Oslo in 2009, Linköping in 2010, Helsinki in 2012, Lancaster in 2014, and Copenhagen in 2016. ServDes is the premier research conference for exchanging knowledge within Service Design and service innovation studies. It is a biannual conference with the aim of bringing researchers and practitioners together to discuss, share and evolve the emerging discipline of Service Design, and design-related service innovation. Proceedings from the conference are published open and online, and their availability for readers and indexers is guaranteed by Linköping University Electronic Press.


Your proposal should answer some basic questions, in order to be part of the selection process

Where: information on the hosting organisation and city (why there?) and accessibility (can delegates easily get to the conference venue?)
Who: who is the organising committee (Is there the required capacity and expertise?) including a documented commitment from a local research group/team and the host institution (Is there the required commitment and support?)
What: what is the proposed theme of the conference (How is it relevant for the development of the field?), any idea for its possible format and publication options beyond the proceedings, and potential social program
Why: why do you want to organize the conference (What is the interest in relationship to service design and service innovation)
When: when will the conference be held, and how does those dates fit with other conferences and deadlines 2018 (does the timing fit?)
How: information on facilities, accommodation and supporting services (conference services, transport, IT, etc.) (does the location has all the necessary facilities and resources?)
How much: costs, estimated number of participants and possible conference fee (Is it sustainable and accessible?) plans for sponsorship

Proposals to host ServDes.2018 should be sent to, no later the 16th of May 2016.
The decision for a venue will be made before ServDes.2016