Paper NO.34: Exploring the pupil-­student transition through customer journeys

Paper NO.34

Exploring the pupil-­student transition through customer journeys
Anya Ernest, Katarina Wetter-Edman

Being a first time student is not only exciting, it is also like travelling to a new and far-off place. If you are already a resident, then it is hard to grasp what it was like arriving for the first time. This paper presents a project at Karlstad University investigating the experiences of first time students. 13 students from the teaching programs kept diaries for ten weeksconcerning their experiences related to the first time at the university. The findings suggested, for example, an overload of information on the first day, a complex web structure, and highlighted the importance of social connectedness as well as the importance of designated facilities to help the students find stability and to focus on their studies. The project suggested low hanging fruit that could be fixed immediately and formulated new areas to be investigated and developed. Further, the information visualizations showed important in order to get things done.