Paper No.84: Data-Need Fit – Towards data-driven business model innovation

Paper No.84

Data-Need Fit – Towards data-driven business model innovation
Katrin Mathis, Dr. Felix Köbler

Today’s world is one of growing data, yet few companies have succeeded in leveraging data for novel business models. This paper aims to provide an evaluated approach to understanding what kind of data is available and to matching data with potential user needs for compelling value propositions. For this purpose, the paper introduces, on the one hand, the Data Canvas as a new method for considering data resources systematically in the development of business models and, on the other hand, the Data-Need Fit as a conceptual basis for the established business model innovation process according to Osterwalder, Pigneur, Bernarda & Smith (2014). Applied in a case study, the Data Canvas proved simple to use. Integrated into a service design process, it may help companies to leverage data as a resource in business model innovation.