Why attend

ServDes is a great opportunity to take part in the discussions that are shaping the young discipline of Service Design. It also offers great ways to share both academic and practical insights, and for those who are not yet familiar with the emerging discipline, it is a learning experience which can inspire new design thinking and business opportunities.

For the practitioner, ServDes provides a platform to change and exchange knowledge about how Service Design can be applied in different domains and professions. Inspiration about new tools and techniques, cutting edge research, and insights about how others design services allow practicing designers to develop their skills, and perhaps change the way they work. Of course, the conference also offers ways to meet with like-minded and plant seeds of future co-operations, and last but not least, it is a great way to come into contact with potential clients.

For companies in all sectors, the conference is a way to see and hear about the potential of Service Design. Cases will be presented by practitioners and academics, but also by companies that have already worked in one way or another with service designers. Workshops and other types of sessions will provide practical insights about what Service Design is and how it can fit into different business areas. All in all, this is a great way for companies with varying degrees of experience of working with Service Design to reinvent their business.

For academics who focus their work on Service Design, this is the premiere conference and the only one with a double-blind review process, thus ensuring academic credibility and fair judgements of submissions. All accepted papers will be published online for easy access. Aside from that, in-depth case studies highlighting challenges and solutions described by practitioners will increase the understanding of the field, but also allow important research results to be communicated directly back to the practicing service designers.

For all who visit the conference we will make sure that it is a memorable and fruitful experience.