ServDes Conference blog

The planning has started

The planning of the conference has now started properly, and we are in the midst of structuring the planning process; a reference group is being set up with representatives from the Nordic countries, various venues are being considered and the call for papers is being structured (early tip: the deadline will most likely be in late May or early June).

But what is foremost on our minds is to set a date for the conference.
Having discussed various aspects, we see mid or late November, or possibly the first week of December as the most feasible options. Why? Earlier in the autumn is just too close to last year’s conference, and the first half of the autumn is already filled with other conferences (the SDN conference as well as NordiCHI). Later than early December is too close to Christmas and early spring collides with the end and start of new semesters for Swedish students.

Given the time-frame, when would you like the conference to be held? Are there any national holidays or other events which might collide with the Nordic SDC (we are aware of Thanksgiving in the US during the suggested timeframe)? And would you prefer a two or three-day conference? Please comment below or on twitter using the hashtag #ServDes!