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Business model innovation

For years, many organizations had a sound and healthy business model. Nowadays, as a result of drastic changes, organizations find out that their current business model does not work anymore. The financial crisis, changing consumer behavior, the Internet and (free) access to information and knowledge changed the rules of doing business. Traditional business models become outdated and create the urge for new and innovative business models.

Thinking about business models is more important than ever. 15 years ago, many industries were dominated by one single business model. Now different models are intertwined. Market opportunities are enormous if pictured properly and played into correctly. Examples like Apple, Google and Skype illustrate that the scale and the speed with which innovative business models change the industrial landscape are greater than ever.

How can we systematically invent, design and implement powerful new business models? How can we question, challenge and transform old and outmoded business models? How can we turn visionary ideas into game-changing business models that challenge the establishment?

Patrick van der Pijl and Camilla van den Boom from Business Models Inc. explain how you can systematically understand, design and implement (new) business models. They take you on a journey through the landscape of business models. They show what business modeling is all about and what it could do for your business.

Questions related to this room topic:

  • What is currently happening in the marketplace?
  • What are the “market shapers”, forces that hit almost any business or sector?
  • What is business modeling? What is the use of it?
  • How to design and implement a successful business model in your business?
  • What about your business model?

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