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Design Thinking as Management Approach in Service Design

That is nothing new in saying that the world is changing really fast in the past decades. But what can’t one ignore is that it affects every single aspect of our lives. The globalization brings challenges to enterprises in achieving new markets, technologies ask companies for continuous innovation and to handle with all these changes also new professional profiles should be arranged.

Designers know that well as we are all the time reinventing our profession. We are looking for theories, tools, methods out of our boxes every day. Bringing knowledge from other areas to ours, compounding a multidisciplinary repertory. In the other way of the same route, design is spreading its mindset, tools and methods in tangent areas, sometimes not obviously related to it.

This drives design to look at management, but also causes business management to look at design. As the design mindset propagates as a new answer to these gaps in business, it would be useful to have a discussion about how can Design Thinking can be applied as a management approach, especially if we think in terms of service design.

What we would like to talk about?
I would like to start a discussion about how design thinking can work as a new management approach.
What impact can it have on Service Design and in Design activity in general – but also in Design Management and in Business Management?

What is the relation and impact of that in innovation?
There are real challenges to Business Management in having administration models in reach as the work world changes, search for innovation and needs from stakeholders.
We would like to ask the participants to share their thoughts about the potential of this “new” approach and share insights, strategies, expectations, experiences or doubts. The discussion will be driven to focus in three main areas: market, society and education.

Is this session for you?
People can feel fee to drop in and out of this session (Room 8), getting updates every break. Ideally we’d have a diverse group of people sharing ideas including design managers, business managers, students interested in management and everyone interested in Design Thinking.
As UnConference is meant to be an open discussion, what I expect from this meeting, than is that all participants can learn from each other, network, and share a deeper vision about Design Thinking.

What do I do?
I´m a student in the Masters of Integrated Design program of Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany. I’m also a Masters of Sciences in Federal University of Paraná, in Curitiba, Brazil. My main research theme is Design Thinking as a Management Approach, focusing in innovation and Service Design. I want to discover what kind of professional culture differentiates designers and business managers and how we can learn from each other. Also I want to present to managers and designers the great mindset designers own and how take profits of that. In both programs I´m in touch with several different research topics and people, who give really nice and interesting inputs to my work.

How to participate
Look at the program which will be placed at the door. It will have an  introduction to each theme. During discussion breaks, we will identify the main concepts from the participants and place them ask notes on the door.

Who am I?
I´m a graphic designer with a particular interest in management, decision making, collaborative work and innovation. I´m a foreigner in the city in which I live and I feel like a foreigner in each knowledge area I look into. I am just trying to keep my eyes open towards the new and looking to see the common from a different perspective.

/Juliana Bach