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Service design evaluations

Calling all service designers!

My research involves the development of a service design evaluation method, and I am planning to run an evaluation workshop on the afternoon of 2nd December as part of the conference.

Whilst this could be a rather dry re-run of a previous case study, how much more interesting it will be if we can carry out the evaluation trade-off analysis on some fresh “competing” service designs that have been developed during the Unconference, December 1st.

Agreeing what problem to solve

To start with, we need an interesting service design problem for which alternative solutions can be developed. Designs will need to be developed to the point where they can be described and contrasted with other designs by the end of the day, so the problem space must be limited in size and scope. And the domain must be understandable by all Unconference participants. Otherwise, there are no constraints on what problem we could tackle.

Defining the requirements

To kick off, participants will explore the range of stakeholders, describe the service requirements, and develop a set of scenarios using a service quality model. These scenarios will later form the basis for the trade-off analysis that forms the heart of the evaluation workshop the following day.

Developing “competing” service designs

By now, we know what is wanted from the service, and by whom. What we need are innovative service designs that address these needs. The evaluation method places no constraints on how the service designs are arrived at – all that is required is the ability to describe the solution in enough detail to enable the review workshop to assess risks.

The challenge is for teams or individuals to develop service design solutions during the rest of the day (ideally we want between three and five). This exercise could perhaps be used to demonstrate a particular design method, tool or capability.

This is not a competition, in that there is not an ultimate “winner” or “loser”. The evaluation method highlights that different designs represent alternative trade-offs between competing quality characteristics. Exploring alternative designs and articulating their different characteristics can help organisations select the design that best meets their complex needs.

Evaluating the designs

The workshop to conduct the trade-off analysis of each service design takes place during the conference, in the afternoon of 2nd December. You will have to be a full conference participant to join this workshop.

What is the timetable?

Now: Discuss online

1st December:

10 am Agree the service challenge

Specify the stakeholders

Scope the problem and define the scenarios

Complete the context using the quality model

11.30am – midnight (and beyond!) Develop service designs

2nd December

1.30pm Evaluation Workshop (trade-off analysis)

Want to get involved?

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to propose the service design problem we should be tackling, contact me or the conference oragnisers.

For more information about the evaluation method (Service Architecture Review Method) see here.

Simon Field

University of Glamorgan Business School