ServDes Conference blog

Thank you all

Three weeks have past since ServDes.2010 and it’s slowly getting time for us to say goodbye. But first we want to share some more details with you.

First and foremost, next ServDes is planned for spring 2012 in Finland. Janne-Valtteri Nissula from Laurea University will be leading the local organising team. We’ll be posting more information here as soon as it is available, but the rough schedule says that the call for papers will be released in late spring/early summer and the paper deadline will be around August-September.

Secondly, we have been posting videos and photos from the conference (with great help from our friends at Tackle Service Design). You can find selected photos at

ServDes day 2

If you want to re-live or experience the talks from the conference, they can all be found through our vimeo-account at At the time of writing all talks have been uploaded, but only one out of three workshops. Don’t worry – the last two workshops will follow.

Naturally, you can find the videos linked from within our webpage as well. If you visit the conference program you’ll find both videos and pdfs of the papers linked from each talk.

We would also like to take the opportunity to once more thank our sponsors (Almega, Doberman, Linköping University, NuLink, Transformator Design and Twingly) as well as our volunteers (Sophie Andersson, Sonay Ardi, Cordula Brenzei, Therese Glimskär, Haris Kadic, Jan Krause, Lisa Malmberg, Ingrid Mårtensson, Sofia Nygren, Thomas Wreiner). Without your help ServDes would never have been what it was!

Thank you everyone who has showed an interest in ServDes.2010 – be it as visitors, submitting papers, following us on Twitter or any other form. We hope you are as happy with the conference as we are.

A great end of the year to you all, with hopes for a fantastic 2011!

/Stefan, Johan and Fabian