ServDes Conference blog

What we been up to lately

It’s been a while since our last blog post. This doesn’t mean that we been idle, though. Rather we have been working in the backoffice of the conference, as well as preparing a few surprises for our visitors.

First and foremost we have been working on getting the programme ready. We recieved the last reviews a few days ago and are currently sorting the material. We will notify all submitting authors whether they have been accepted or not during this week. The accepted authors will then have a few days to confirm their participation before we publish the programme of the conference.

We are also putting the finishing touches to the registration system, which we will open during this week. In connection to this we have updated a few of our pages with practical information: We have added information about the ServDes-hotels and their prices and we created the a ServDes-map on Google maps including major travel information. The map is embedded with different zoom levels on the hotels and travel information pages.

Meanwhile, our collaboration partner Transformator is working hard on the design of the physical aspects of the conference. The weekly updates are always exciting, and we look forward to seeing the ideas turn into reality.

Finally we would like to welcome our latest sponsor, Linköping Municipality. Linköping sponsors us through the office for commercial and business life, NuLink. NuLink see ServDes as a good opportunity to strengthen the role of design in Linköping. We thank NuLink and Linköping Municipality for their support.